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How does it work?

FareUpThere is a flight booking mobile app that allows you to see ratings on flight amenities and earn flight miles by sharing feedback on your inflight experiences.



Book a flight with us or your favorite app/website.



Upload your boarding pass in the FareUpThere app and tell us how your flight went.



You'll earn reward miles for each review that you can use to book flights or redeem for over 100 different gift cards.

Frequently asked questions

Flight Risk Rewards™ are not redeemable for actual currency and can only be used to purchase flights in the FareUpThere mobile app or redeemaed for gift cards.

Yes! Just navigate to the Airlines tab, and tap on the boarding pass button in the top right corner. You will then be able to scan your boarding pass and share your inflight experience to earn reward points.

We do not offer refunds for flights. For a refund, or flight change, please contact the airline directly.

Your data is safe with us! We won't use your data for unintended purposes and comply to California Consumer Privacy Act regulations. For further information please have a look at our privacy policy or send an email to support(at)fareupthere.com.

You will earn 700 reward points for surveying flights you've booked with the FareUpThere app, and 250 reward points for surveying flights you've booked elsewhere. You can also earn points just for sharing the app, and 700 points gets you your first gift card!